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Last week you may have finished a terrific book, but let me ask…
One of the lessons that I’ve learned during my Mind Map journey…

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This is an easy-to-understand, thorough way to learn about Mind Maps and apply them easy and fast …….to any part of your life! I am new to Mind Maps, but Sean teaches it like a personal friend! You can tell he has a passion for helping others! I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get more organized….in any part of life!

Bernadette A.

Sean knows his topic, mind mapping, inside and out and is very passionate about the subject.
Throughout the course he provided a number of good ideas and areas in which mind maps would be applicable. The format of the presentation was very good as well.

Deb B.

Good course, great visuals and helpful concepts.

Elaine M.

Like Sean, I wish I had mind mapping when I was a student. Learning and seeing the big picture was never a problem for me; but my greatest challenge was in seeing and organizing the smaller pictures within the big picture to make it complete. This course, and Sean’s easy to follow approach to help us learn not only the concepts of mind mapping, but how to apply them in our day to day lives makes this course easy, worthwhile, and fun!

Mike R.

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